Oh Virginia (2016)

Oh Virginia, how I’ve missed you since you’ve gone,

But you’ve been gone for far too long to come around here.

Old Henry told me, last night he saw your beat up car,

Waiting at the flashing light coming in to town.


Damned if I do, but I’ll be damned if I don’t want you to,

To stop on by since you’re in town.

The scars remain from the last time that you burned me,

But I need feel your fire again.

I want to touch that fire again.

Verse 2

Oh Virginia, how do you do it so well?

In the blink of an eye you make it all fade away.

All the bridges that you’ve burned and the chasms that you’ve caused,

With those napalm loving arms you wrap around me.


I know I’m not the kind of guy who needs,

And you’re not the kind of girl who leaves,

But here were are now all alone.

I’ve sworn you off about a thousand times.

Said that I was note getting back in line,

But I can’t take this anymore.

So strike your match let’s burn this to the ground.

Light me up like I’m not coming down.

Let’s let it rock, girl, let’s let it roll.

Let’s let this fire burn high into the night,

Like a funeral pyre I’m burning bright,

I just can’t take this anymore.